Mediterranean (Eastern)

Eastern Mediterranean cruises may visit ports in eastern Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro or Slovenia. Holy Land cruises usually combine Eastern Mediterranean cruise ports with Israel and Egypt.

Tour the multitude of ancient sites in Greece, from the Acropolis in Athens to the temples of Zeus and Hera in Olympia. Walk along the beautiful beaches in Mykonos and Corfu, explore the medieval town of Korcula in Croatia, and marvel at architectural wonders such as the Blue Mosque and the Chora Church in Istanbul.

  • The Eastern Mediterranean cruise season is from late April to October, although a few ships cruise this region year-round.
  • Eastern Mediterranean cruises are typically 7 to 14 nights in length.
  • Because you'll need to fly a long distance to reach your port of departure, we suggest that you arrive at the port city at least one or two days in advance of your cruise. This will give you time to rest and get oriented before boarding the ship. Most cruise lines offer pre-cruise hotel packages.
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